Fun words: Fluffle

Go ahead. Say this word aloud: Fluffle. I bet you can’t do it without smiling.

But what does fluffle mean? It makes me think of something cute and fluffy – so it’s pretty bang on! A fluffle is one way of referring to a group of rabbits.  Here it is in a sentence:

There was quite a kerfuffle about the fluffle of fluffy rabbits that Fluffita had brought to fluffing class.

Pretty sure I may have made a few things up there.

Enjoy this fluffle!

Conejos en una conejera

Free entertainment link round up!

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning about all the free stuff that’s available out there. This week I talked about:

I’ve definitely spent some time playing free games this week! Next week I’ll continue to blog about free stuff – but this time it’ll be how to learn valuable skills for free.