Fun words: persnickety

I love this word. It’s defined as: placing too much emphasis on trivial or minor details; fussy.

And for some reason – when I hear this word – that’s exactly what I think of. It’s the kind of word that somehow sounds exactly like (well, not exactly like – that’s onomatopoeia – and yes, I had to look up how to spell that) what it represents. Or perhaps a better words would be conjures (ooh, another fun word!) up the feeling of what it represents.

Wow, I am a serious word nerd.  But I’m not too persnickety about grammar. 🙂

What’s a word that makes you think about exactly what it represents?



2 thoughts on “Fun words: persnickety

  1. Miscreant. I mean Miscreant, with a capital “M”. Not much good with fish, but goes well with foul. Think of Richard Burton saying it.
    I have a book that may interest you. It’s called Thou Spleeny Swag-bellied Miscreant. It’s full of words on divided pages that allow you to construct your own Shakespearean insults.
    Thanks for not being too persnickety about grammar. A lot of people, myself included, write in a sort of conversational style, which can get on the nerves of the grammatically fastidious members of our great community.
    Anyway, good post. (This is not a complete sentence, even though the verb is implied.)
    See you next time (No subject)

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