Fun words: apotheosis

The English language is truly full of fun words – gotta admit I hadn’t encountered this one until recently.

Apotheosis is defined as the perfect form of something or elevation to divine status.

If you could be elevated to divine status and be the god of something (like Thor is the god of thunder), what would you be the god of? I think I’d be the god of naps. I like napping a lot and would prefer not to go outside in the cold if I don’t have to. That could also make me the god of cats.


12 thoughts on “Fun words: apotheosis

  1. I had to take a while to think this one over, but here it is. I would be the god of luck. There would be shining cathedrals built in my honor in places like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, as well as tiny temples located wherever people buy lottery tickets.
    But here’s the best part: No matter how sincere and fervent their supplications, I will not hear my worshippers, for I would be a just god and luck is not something you get by asking for it. If I seem indifferent I am, as much to your joy as to your suffering. It is my work to scatter the seeds of fortune, good and bad, across the universe without regard as to which seed falls where. A discerning individual will recognize my nature and see that, while it may be wise to believe in me, it is folly to put faith in me.
    Well, wasn’t that nice.
    Thanks for the fun post, see you next time

  2. I think I would like to be the goddess of justice and my aim would be to fix the injustice Kennynines above has caused. So I wouldn’t be a goddess of courts and trials. I’d leave that to one of my followers, one who likes to be blindfolded and holding scales. I’d be more of an everyday justice goddess. For example, if someone was bullying someone else, because they had the luck of being better built and more athletic, I’d make sure they would break every bone in their body in a very stupid accident that made them look ridiculous. Or, if I heard someone rich say that the poor deserve to be poor because they’re lazy, I’d visit them in a dream and advice them to make certain investments that would make them lose everything.
    Unfortunately, I’d have no temples because people wouldn’t know my existence, and would often confuse me with coincidence. There is a chance I would be really mad some day and convert to being the goddess of vengeance. Which is justice, of course.

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