Fun phrases: Fifth columnist

I’ve been reading a great book lately called “The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains” which is all about some very out there comic book villains (e.g. Robotic Nazi T.Rex).

Some of the most colourful villains were invented during WWII. A phrase that kept popping up was “fifth columnist” and I’d never heard of it before, so I looked it up.

It’s defined as: someone who secretly supports and helps the enemies of the country or organization they are in.

Obviously these were not good guys (or gals) to so super heroes such as “Sleepy” and “Nightmare” (yes, seriously) made good work of them.

If you were a supervillain – what would you want your name and super power to be?



7 thoughts on “Fun phrases: Fifth columnist

  1. The Parallelogram! I’m not sure what it means, maybe I would be the dark, parallel side of the good guy? I wouldn’t have any right angles? I’m not sure, but it sounds cool. And I love the Fifth Columnist information, too.

  2. OK, this just sort of exploded out of my head as soon as I finished reading your post. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the fiendish destroyer of civilizations: APATHEX! He goes where he wants, he does what he wants and absolutely no one cares. There you have it,, now KNEEL BEFORE THE MIGHTY APATHEX, or don’t, who cares?

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