Fun words:Quixotic

This is a very fun word – and a great choice for Scrabble if you can ever swing it.

Quixotic is defined as: foolishly impractical, especially in the pursuit of ideals. 

It based on “Don Quixote” which – well, it’s a very long book. I suggest you watch “Man of La Mancha” the musical based on it or read the Wikipedia entry if you’d like to get the gist of it. I have read the whole thing but only because I foolishly committed to do a paper on it without realizing how long it was. But basically it’s about a guy who goes nuts and charges around the countryside, thinking he’s a knight and defeating things like ogres (which are actually windmills).

Fun sentence: Quinn considered herself very quixotic, and quite frankly, that led her to quit a lot of quilts she felt weren’t perfect.

Fun words: Weltschmerz

I only recently came across this word – and it’s awesome! It’s actually a German word, but has apparently made its way into the English language.

Weltschmerz is descried as: a world weariness felt from a perceived mismatch between the ideal image of how the world should be with how it really is.

I gotta say – I think that’s a pretty common feeling these days.

Fun sentence:  Wally was wallowing with weltschmerz and wondering if there were any Wagon Wheel snacks left.

If you’d like to learn more, or just sound pretentious at a party, check out this great article from Mental Floss: How to tell whether you’ve got angst, ennui, or weltschmerz.



Fun words: Hutzpah

I’ll freely admit I love Yiddish words. There’s just something about the way they sound that I love. So you’ll definitely see more of those in my blog.

Hutzpah is defined as a less common spelling of chutzpah, someone with supreme self-confidence – or nerve or gall (also a fun word!)

Alas, I am not someone with a lot of hutzpah – although that is not always a  bad thing.

Fun sentence: Henrietta hoped she’d have the hutzpah to handle Horatio when he helped himself to all the hamburgers again.