Fun words: Moxie

I love saying this word. Just saying “moxie” makes me feel a little braver and stronger (cue Wonder Woman pose). I also don’t know if I’ve ever written it down before because I thought it ended in a y!

Moxie is defined as courage or determination.  Sometimes I do have courage and determination, but frankly I could always use mores. Perhaps next time I feel I am lacking courage or determination I’ll say “Moxie” aloud and see if that helps.

Fun sentence: Moira wished most mightily that she might have more moxie next time she talked to that meanie Martin.

Apparently there’s a canned drink out there called Moxie!


Fun words: Cahoots

This is a fun one to say out loud. Cahoots. We’re in cahoots with each other.

Cahoots is defined as: colluding or conspiring together secretly.

This is the sample I found it used in: “the area is dominated by guerrillas in cahoots with drug traffickers”
No, no, no.
Cahoots is WAY too silly a word to be used for such a serious thing.
I like something like: Katie the Cat and Queen Hoots the Owl were in cahoots and planning a conspiracy to corner the canine cookie market.
Perhaps that’s what “The Owl and the Pussycat” were up to.
One cat and one owl in cahoots!


Fun words: Razzmatazz

So this one  can be Razzamatazz or Razzmatazz depending on whether you’re using American or British spelling. It’d be an awesome Scrabble word except you don’t get that many letters to work with and I don’t think there’s 4 Z’s in the game.

Razzmatazz is defined primarily as razzle dazzle (even the definition has 4 Z’s) but also double-talk which was a new one for me. The Merriam Webster’s English as a second language dictionary defines it as: noisy and exciting activity meant to attract attention which is not as fun as razzle dazzle but much easier to understand.

Used in a sentence:

Chaz was really into jazz and wanted to make a splash with a new show with a lot of razzamatzz!

There’s also a plant called Echinacea Razzmattaz – this is what it looks like:

Echinacea Razzmatazz 1zz

Fun words: Persnickety

I just love the way this word sounds. It’s defined as “fussy about small details” or “having the characteristics of a snob” and it’s the kind of word when you say it out loud it just *sounds* snobbish or fussy when you use it.

Percy was very persnickety and particular about his persimmons and pepitas. He considered himself a very posh and persnickety person.

There’s no way to find an image of persnickety but I did find one of persimmons!

Fuyu Persimmon (Diospyros Kaki) whitened

Fun words: Fluffle

Go ahead. Say this word aloud: Fluffle. I bet you can’t do it without smiling.

But what does fluffle mean? It makes me think of something cute and fluffy – so it’s pretty bang on! A fluffle is one way of referring to a group of rabbits.  Here it is in a sentence:

There was quite a kerfuffle about the fluffle of fluffy rabbits that Fluffita had brought to fluffing class.

Pretty sure I may have made a few things up there.

Enjoy this fluffle!

Conejos en una conejera

New topic – fun words!

Decided after three weeks I just wasn’t that excited to write about money. There’s tons of site and blogs out there about making money, saving money, money hacks, and so on and so forth.

But I do *love* language. Decided I’m going to write about different and interesting words I’ve just learned exist or have always loved. Stay tuned!

Podcast – Smart Passive Income

So – this was not exactly my most productive week.  I hate having a cold. It makes me completely unmotivated.

I did want to talk about the other “side hustle” podcast I listen to regularly – Smart Passive Income.  This one is a little like Side Hustle School, but much more detailed. The host Pat Flynn, has generated a number of streams of “passive” income and does detailed interviews with people who have also generated impressive streams of passive income – everything from writing books to selling lesson plans.

The great thing about Smart Passive Income is that you get to hear about all the hard work a person put in and how they made their idea a success. You can pick and choose the podcast session (there are a lot of them!) you want to listen to, in order to learn more about an idea that is particularly interesting to you.